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Our aim is to bring cities, their vibrance, their unique rhythm, right to your ears. Our host, Jack Alexander, connects you with cities through intriguing dialogues with renowned celebrities, influential figures, and leaders who embody the essence of these places.

  1. What we do

    We unravel the captivating narratives, the unheard tales, the pulsating culture, and the diverse traditions that make each city special. This is no ordinary podcast – it’s a celebration of cities, their stories, and their people.

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    Born from a deep passion for city life and culture, we’re here to inspire, inform and entertain. Our mission is to serve as the torchbearer for positive, compelling messages about cities, their entrepreneurial spirit, and the stories that shape them.

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    The City Show is designed for the thinkers, the dreamers, the doers. Whether you’re an established entrepreneur, a startup founder, a student, an intrapreneur, or a leader in any organization, this podcast is for you.

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